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Series 300

card2In today’s multi-channel, multi format world, a broadcast engineers time should be spent on the real job of delivering great programs at the highest possible quality level. There simply are not enough hours in the day to read through complex manuals, connect up incompatible products, work through menu after menu of decidedly unfriendly setup menus.

Microvideo’s Series 300 development started with the brief “easy to use – straight from the box”.

Microvideo do not design for features, we design to provide practical solutions, to minimize setup and to maximize the time you get to spend doing ‘real’ work.

What have we achieved with Series 300?

Lower costs:

Manufacturing a single platform means we can build in far higher quantities than traditional single function designs. That means lower manufacturing costs and those savings are passed directly to our customers

Higher quality:

All Microvideo Series 300 assemblies go through a our 5 stage quality assurance system, unique within the broadcast industry; 100% Automatic Vision Inspection; this is a computer controlled manufacturing system normally reserved for only the highest volume products which literally check every component is not only in the correct place, but is also correctly mounted and ‘pasted’ (yes no unreliable flow-soldering here).

X-Ray Inspection:

– it is simply impossible to produce and inspect devices with almost 2,000 connections by hand and to inspect them by eye, again unique within the broadcast industry, we 100% X-Ray inspect every series 300 card. This is followed by in circuit testing, full functional testing and we follow that up with a 72 Hour soak test.

Reduced overhead:

In any industry ‘downtime’ is a financial killer, but in Broadcast it is simply not an option. That’s traditionally countered with huge spares holdings. Not so with Series 300, 1 spare covers any event throughout the entire facility. Simply swap the on board SD card plug in the replacement card and you’re away, settings all intact.

Superior performance:

With over 20 years experience in manufacturing broadcast equipment you’d be right to expect a lot from Microvideo, but with single solutions replacing multiple legacy products, you get real time, multi function signal processing, saving rack space, reducing power, reducing capital outlay, lowering cost of ownership and all at superior performance levels than you’ve ever experienced. When we say Superior performance we mean EVERY aspect of performance; financial, reliability, operation and management.


When we brainstormed the initial Series 300 requirement, we started from the customer and we listened. The result is even the most demanding requirements that previously would have taken multiple units, each requiring complex set ups, can now be easily managed through a series of simple, intuitive, menu driven keystrokes.

With Series 300, the answers yes…. Now what’s your question?