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Signal Processing

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  • FRS 300
  • It is designed to synchronize SD and HD Serial Digital Video signal to an analogue timing reference. The FRS 300’s ability to correct any timing problems makes it ideal for broadcast engineers who need to bring untimed HD or SD video into their system.
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  • HDL 300
  • Designed for use in satellite uplink, signal re-entry on master control inputs, at cable headends, mobile vehicle outputs, broadcast transmitier inputs, virtual sets and matching delays caused by multi-channel audio compression, the Microvideo HDL 300 is an HD (SMPTE 425M) SD (SMPTE 259M) SDI video offset delay capable of delaying video up to 15 seconds SD-SDI and 2.5 seconds HD-SDI.
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  • A simple device to give a clear visual CUE for upcoming breaks or program ends. Essential for live broadcast to ensure smooth production and continuity.
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  • HPA 300
  • The HPA 300 is a full feature proc amp and video legaliser in a single card giving full controll over Y Gain, Black level, Limiting (standard or custom levels), U Gain, U Pedestal, Picture crop, V Gain,V pedestal, VBI line blanking, Overall Gain,Hue, Chroma Gain and Y Delay.
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