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  • HDS X31s
  • Seamless 2×1 protection switch with in-built control signal decoder
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  • HDS 201s
  • Synchronous 2×1 protection switch for HD/SD-SDI signals. The HDS-201s will switch seamlessly between two mistimed input sources even on loss of primary feed.
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  • HDS 201g
  • The HDS 201g has all the same features as the HDS 201s, but also allows a user defined logo or apology caption to be displayed.
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  • HDS 301g
  • 3 x 1 HD/SD SDI switch, offering all the features as the HDS 201s and 201g.
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  • ASI 201s
  • 2×1 ASI switch. By preserving the packet structure of the output  TS  during a switch, identical input streams give a perfectly seamless switch.
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  • ASW 201s
  • 2×1 AES digital clean audio switch.
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  • RSW 204
  • Relay based quad 2×1 audio switch for 2 x AES/EBU or Analogue Audio/Video
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